Pilot - One Hour Drama
Script and Pitch Deck available upon request

Launchpad Pilot Contest - Top 100
Austin Film Festival - Second Round
The Blacklist - 8

Logline: When an anti-Capitalist ex-con coder hacks into the world’s first virtual prison, the tech corporation behind it will stop at nothing to find out what she knows, and she’ll stop at nothing to bring them down.

Photo by Colin Schmitt

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Asics - Give Your Mind a Rest (Spec)

Runner: Ruth Reynolds

Writer/Director: Michael Sullivan
Cinemaphotographer/Editor: Ellie Ann Fenton
Sound: Nick Ronzio

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Pilot - Half-Hour Comedy Anthology
Scripts and Pitch Deck available upon request

Logline: A spunky Jersey transplant out to make it in the LA real estate market services a diverse, demanding, and often desperate clientele that’s as insane and fickle as the market itself, and forces her to become part shark, part therapist, and part miracle worker.

Photo by Jamie McInall

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Pilot - One Hour Action/Adventure
Script available upon request

Logline: An apocalyptic future finds an unlikely team of bounty hunters take on rebel factions, warlords, and their own inner demons in pursuit of a hidden cache of cryptocurrency that will make them the richest people on the planet.

Photo by Superb Wallpapers

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The Formula

Feature Film - Dramedy
Script available upon request
Results: Nicholl Fellowship - Top 20%

Logline: When a playboy banker is forced to face his past after his estranged father's death, he must come to grips with the reality that the formulas that have helped him achieve financial success in his life, have been holding him back from actually having one.

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